Stone Cold Vox is a personal blog dedicated to music and life. I grew up with music playing a big part of my formative years, studied school in music, and I love to sing in choirs. Whatever I’ve learned about music I’d love to share with you. If I find some great videos or editorials about a musician or music history, I’ll share those with you too. You may also see me get creative and try to mix music with other things I love, such as food, beverages, and travel. You’ll also see my family once in a while.

I’ll spare the cat photos, I promise.

[ above photo by Angela Chicoski ]

More little details about me:
– I’m thirty-three years old. I’ll probably look 19 for a while, though.
– I spend most of my days with my awesome boyfriend Adam and my son Aiden. They’re funny and weird and I love them.
– I worked at an art museum for a few years but recently took time off be a stay-at-home mom to Aiden while he gets in the groove of going to school, and to be totally available whenever he gets sent home sick.
– I sing with & volunteer for the Chorus of Westerly. I help out with fundraising events among other things behind the scenes. I like to support the arts, but I also find pleasure in making sure that my favorite local non-profit arts organizations are supported by the community.
– Besides focusing on nurturing my family and singing, I also do crafty things. I sew, weave, am dangerous with a hot glue gun, and sometimes I bake things with chocolate.
– Oh yeah, that Chorus? I sing in the soprano section. This season will mark my 10th season with the Chorus of Westerly. I love that group. They’re a like another family to me.
– I’m a little bit shy in person when I first meet people. I think part of it is that I don’t want to feel too obtrusive about the other person’s personal life when I ask questions, but then when I find a few things I have in common with them I’ll talk their ear off about it. Having a couple drinks also helps.

The back-end details if you’re curious:
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– My hosting provider is No Support Linux Hosting
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– My publishing platform is WordPress, with additional plug-ins installed.

If you have any questions, shoot me a message!