I missed you so bad.

Over the summer I jammed out to Carly Rae Jepson’s Call Me Maybe so many times in the car that Aiden ended up memorizing the chorus to it. If you can get him started with the chorus he’ll take it and do a really amazing and somber rendition of the bridge, sad facial expressions and all.

Before you came into my life,
I missed you so bad.
Know that,
I missed you so… so… bad.

(Speaking of the bridge, music majors please chime in, isn’t it kind of weird that the bridge happens closer to the end? This simple pop song threw us a curve ball!)

Since I love the song I love all the other versions of it too. Cookie monster, Jimmy Fallon and The Roots, and the most recent I’ve heard is my favorite. (Of course) From my state, the 3Penny Chorus and Orchestra got together to do this arrangement by Colin Britt and Arianne Abela.

Bravo. (I just shed a tear)

(I fricking love The Roots.)

2 thoughts on “I missed you so bad.

    1. ermabasila

      Sad story: The Roots came to my college one year for the spring/homecoming festivities and I bought 4 tickets. One for me, one for a friend in Brooklyn who I know would come, one for another friend in Providence who I know would come too, and one… for a roommate or someone else. I was SO EXCITED. The day of the concert, my 2 friends had to cancel because they couldn’t get to New Haven in time, and I never found another person to come with me. I stayed in my dorm room that night, never went. I was so bummed. and $40 in the hole. lol


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