What I’m Thinking While I’m Singing

As a choral singer I have to keep a lot of things in mind while I sing. After years of training I’ve learned to do some things naturally while singing, but there’s things I still have to remind myself to do. Sometimes in the middle of rehearsal I’ll run a whole list of items through my mind and then I say to myself, wow, this is a lot of stuff. Here are a few things I need to ask myself while I sing:

  1. Am I sitting/standing up straight?
  2. Are both feet on the floor and/or shoulder-width apart?
  3. Am I breathing correctly?
  4. Am I listening to the singers around me?
  5. Am I following the written dynamics in my score?
  6. Am I thinking “up” while I sing descending notes? Am I even centering my pitch?
  7. I wonder what Clay Aiken is doing right now.
  8. Am I connecting my notes so I create a line and phrases?
  9. Am I turning pages quietly?
  10. Am I pronouncing all the words correctly?
  11. Am I reading my score AND watching my conductor?!

Keeping all of that in mind, I start to think I look like this:

amirite, you guys?

P.S.! The Chorus of Westerly performs Mozart’s Requiem with a group of excellent soloists and orchestra on May 19th at 4pm and 6pm at the George Kent Performance Hall.

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