The Magic Flute


I took a class in college that focused primarily on works by Mozart. I analyzed a variety of his compositions, from concertos to masses and the famous unfinished Requiem. We also studied a few operas like Die zauberflöte, or The Magic Flute. Being a huge fan of opera, I enjoyed it immensely.

Thanks to Netflix for being ever so random, a recent movie adaptation of The Magic Flute became available to stream. I may or not have forced Aiden to listen to some scenes right before bedtime one night just so I can try to sing the high F note in one of the Queen of the Night’s songs.

Made in part of the 250th anniversary of Mozart’s birthday back in 2005, the film re-imagines the characters living in World War I. Director Kenneth Branagh puts Tamino and Papageno in the trenches as soldiers but still allowed them the opportunity to follow their hearts to find their mates. It’s a nice love story with an evil mother-in-law added in. All of the actors did an amazing job and their singing voices are flawless. While I love the original score very dearly, I tip my hat to Mr. Branagh for making an interesting film adaptation.

Here’s the trailer and a few of my favorite arias:

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