Fiona Apple’s “Hot Knife”

This video came out back in July and I just watched it for the first time yesterday. What the heck? I used to be up on anything Fiona Apple-related.

Here’s a tidbit about me: back in the late 1990s I ran a Fiona Apple fan site called Fiona Apple Territory (what a dumb name) and any popularity it actually gained, it’s because I piggy-backed off of a couple other more popular fan sites. I was a fifteen year old girl with one computer and a dial-up connection who spent most of her time in Yahoo! Chat rooms. Reaaaaally big on technology back then.

Anyways, the video. It was directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, who directed a number of her music videos over 10 years ago. It’s a simple video as is the song. My favorite part (of the song) is at the end where she’s singing all of the verses/phrases at the same time, almost like a fugue.

The latest recording of hers is this beautiful rendition of Pure Imagination. It was recorded for a Chipotle ad. It’s hauntingly beautiful.

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Fiona Apple, I’m still a fan of yours after all these years.

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