Geeking Out for a Minute

Have you seen this? Jelani Eddington plays the Main Title from the Star Wars Symphonic Suite at the 5/80 Sanfilippo Wurlitzer theatre pipe organ in Barrington, Illinois. While the track was originally recorded with a full orchestra, this man can play all the parts with his hands and feet. It’s beyond remarkable.

I’m a big fan of instruments that are traditionally played for one genre of music but switched up to play something totally different. I love when jazz/blues bands play pop and rock songs in a more jazzy style. If you know me in real life you know I fell head over heels for Postmodern Jukebox. (you’ve got to hear Puddles the clown.) When I lived at my mom’s house and had the house to myself (I’d never do it with an audience, sometimes I made sure my cat was in a different room) I’d jump on the piano and jam out to Britney Spears in the style of a lounge singer. It was fun.

Watch more videos of Mr. Eddington on the organ here.

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