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Roo wrote an article at Ad Week about why trained ballet dancers are appalled at a Free People Clothing ad featuring a ballet dancer who doesn’t look trained enough to be able to go on pointe like she did in the video.

I think most people in Free People’s target consumer demographic probably wouldn’t notice anything problematic. They’ll see a girl doing plies, a couple jumps, and smooth arm movements and think, “Okay, she makes those clothes look cute. Take my money!” while the trained dancers over there are going nuts because they notice the little details that they’ve been educated to avoid doing because it’s part of their career.

I’ve been one of those people. I’ve gotten mad every time I hear that one Taylor Swift song where she takes a breath in the middle of a couple words in the chorus. I’ve been trained to take a breath in between phrases or if I must take a breath within a phrase, do it between two words. Then I remind myself that it’s pop music and Taylor can do whatever she wants with her own songs. 😉 The remarks of the trained dancers though, those are legit critiques.

So I just found these ad parodies on YouTube as a result of the uproar about the Free People ad. I think a lot of it went over my head because I don’t know what ballet ankles are supposed to look like, but they’re still funny if you get it.

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