ScaleNet, a Music Theory app

I’m really excited to tell you guys about an app that a couple of my college professors developed. It makes me wish I had access to this when I took Music Theory classes.

ScaleNet is a “mobile Music Theory learning environment” for the young–or beginner musician. It was developed by two college professors who employed network modeling to help clarify how many of the basic concepts in music are connected by simple, interrelated patterns.

ScaleNet’s melody-game incorporates a large library of diverse melodic phrases which provide a constantly changing “real world” note-ID environment. The skill sets developed through the use of ScaleNet are applicable to Traditional, Popular, EDM, Hip-Hop, Jazz, and Classical music.

ScaleNet provides interactive learning spaces associated with:

  • Keys and their graphic layout on the staff (mirrored in touch-pads).
  • Simple key relationships: Major, relative minor and parallel minor.
  • Complex key relationships–and how harmonic progressions are nested within their natural order.
  • Note identification, employing treble clef, within all keys in a timed play-environment.
  • Ear-training through simple additive melodic phrases which are spontaneously sequenced and which can be used for interval identification.
  • Post-game statistics which allow the user to track ongoing progress.

ScaleNet’s simple, intuitive, interface allows the user to focus on musical processes and ideas.

ScaleNet’s “key-sphere” technology redefines the traditional circle of 5ths revealing new harmonic relationships.

ScaleNet’s ear-training and sight-reading game integrates key information through touch-pad mirroring.

I was playing around the app earlier today and it’s fun. I find it easier to sing the notes than tap the note names if I were trying to race with myself, but competition aside it’s a good game to test your knowledge on what notes are within a certain Major or Minor scale.

Get it for free on the iTunes App Store here and on Android here.

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