Seen and Heard


Here are a few things that I found interesting while browsing around:

The Yaybahar, an acoustic instrument I’ve never seen before.
Art Project by the Google Cultural Institute features high quality images of all the artwork featured in many musuems around the world. This is marvelous!
The Positive Emotional Impact of Sad Music
Butts in art
Museums make you happier and less lonely, studies find
Buddy Editions sells affordable prints of art and photography. There’s a photo of Bill Murray in there too, if you’re a fan of his.

A Film About Coffee, because yes, I like coffee.

The Tetris theme song on piano, which sounds like..

If you enjoyed the movie Pitch Perfect, take a look at this:

And The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Pt. 1 soundtrack is available on Spotify.:

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