Gifts for the Musician in your life

Here’s a handy list of gifts you could get for your family member or friend who’s a musician. If none of these seem good enough, you can get these for me you can’t beat a gift card to their favorite music store.

1.) Mechanical Music Box Set, $22, Uncommon Goods
2.) Really Big Pianist, $22, T Shirt Hell
3.) Theremin Mini Kit, $39.99, Think Geek
4.) Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone, $84.95, Amazon
5.) Tab Station iPad Holder, $29.95, Drum Bum
6.) Recording studio in a box, $249.99, Sweetwater
7.) Keys to the Kingdom doormat, $37.99, ModCloth (ahem)
8.) Rock Band T Shirt, $24-$25, Design By Humans
9.) Arizona Arena Bifold Picker’s Wallet, $35, Whipping + Post (and get the matching guitar strap because it looks so so good)

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