Make It: Movable Pencil Loop


Musicians, how many times have you had to rifle through your bag just to find a pencil to mark your music, or you didn’t have a pencil to begin with because there wasn’t a place to put it in your music folder? Most manufactured music folders have a built-in pencil holder but if you happen to use a 3-ring binder you’re going to need a holder or risk stretching out one of the inner pockets. I found a few tutorials on YouTube geared towards the planner community, but this could easily be made for anyone needing a place to store a writing utensil. The great part is that it can be attached to your binder or multiple pages of a score if you’re reading from something hefty like the Brahms Requiem.

I made mine with glitter washi tape from Target-



I followed this tutorial by Silly Mimi on how to make a pen loop with duct tape and a small binder clip:

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