‘What’s in My Bag?’ The Choir Edition

In My Choir Bag

The bag I carry most days is a tote because I like to carry my essentials plus a few extra things. Rory Gilmore isn’t the only person who carries a novel just in case. I keep a separate bag to carry all the other stuff I need to bring with me to rehearsal. I’m the kind of person who wants to be prepared for all types of situations that could arise within the span of a rehearsal, therefore I pack it all. When you see the list you’ll understand why I need another bag.

In My Choir Bag

In the photo

  • Chapstick, because singing with chapped lips could easily ruin my day.
  • Mechanical pencil and highlighter, because we ain’t got time to sharpen regular pencils and sometimes too many staves of music gets me lost I need to highlight my voice line.
  • Page flags and paper clips, because i’ll need to mark my entrances after solos and stuff.
  • Throat lozenges, because a sore throat could severely affect my ability to sing
  • My music folder (get one here, and if you use a 3-ring binder these magazine holders help tremendously)
  • Tea bags, because as much as I love coffee all day everyday, warm tea takes care of my throat and I like that.

Not pictured, but also included:
A bottle of water
Travel-size pack of tissues
Wallet and phone
A snack, because singing makes me hungry.

But wait, that’s not all! When I pack for a concert weekend I bring even more stuff.. I’ll show you that next time.

If you’re curious to know what pieces I’m currently working on…
In My Choir Bag
I’m excited because this is my first time doing the Mozart Vespers and Haydn Missa Brevis.

Do you sing or are in a musical ensemble? What are your necessities for practice and performance?

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