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I don’t post this link roundup as often as I should. I read so many good links every week, bookmark them, then forget to repost them. I guess I need a new system or schedule to follow, but for now here’s a few things I saved and am passing along.

Another Brain Benefit of Music Lessons: They help kids develop the ability to disregard potential distractions – but would it help me turn off all the thinking i’m doing in my head?!

20 Times Classical Musicians Got #Phelpsface – I’m not going to lie, that’s a good face for those sentiments.

Why Dropping Music on Friday is Pivotal (Hint: It’s Not Sales) – the music industry is trying so hard to keep up. Let’s see if this helps curb internet piracy any.

Good News for MTV’s V.M.A.s: Music Videos Matter Again – Am I the only who always valued music videos? My criticism with the network was when they slowly phased out the shows featuring music videos and replaced their programming with reality tv. TRL wasn’t even a consolation for me because I wasn’t able to watch a music video straight through or without a teen audience member making a shout out. Youtube cornered the market and MTV missed out.

Portland schools reconsider ban on rap music after ‘racist memo’ goes viral“When you outlaw a kind of music that is very indicative of the modern culture of one group of people you’re basically saying that they’re not welcome,” she said. “Those of us in the district, living in diverse communities in Portland, understand the racial equity stuff going on is entirely for the cameras. There is no real meat behind it.”

BlokDust is an open source project allowing users to make music in the browser for free. Even though it looks user-friendly, I think browsing the Guide for a tutorial walk-through may be helpful before you start.

American guitarist uses music as healing force in Kabul – Lanny Cordola founded a music school in Kabul where he teaches music to students, mostly girls from poor families, and hopes they see it as a safe place. I love to see people who have the means to get out there and do something for others, do it.

The Trials and Errors of Music Education– Neesa Sunar reflects on her experience teaching elementary music, and laments the loss of depth in today’s musical curriculum. My heart goes out to her because I too am idealist but some of my ideas aren’t realistic. It’s a bit disappointing but a good reality-check.

Music Technology of the 1970s: A Timeline – They included Pink Floyd’s flying pigs.

So I like this, as well as all the previous ones-

And I’m probably too old to still love her-

It’s cool with me if you wore a SPEAR BRITNEY t-shirt in high school. I would’ve liked it.

Have a good weekend, friends!

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