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Immediately after I moved to a town outside of Providence this past Summer I looked up all the music venues and followed them on Facebook. I want to be completely immersed in the music scene while I’m here. Growing up in Connecticut my nearest concert venues were in New Haven and Hartford. Each of those cities were at least a one hour drive from home. For many years I (let’s be honest and change it to my parents’) didn’t find it was worth spending money on gas, food, and concert tickets all in one evening. You can conclude I didn’t attend many concerts in my youth. When I eventually went to college in New Haven I took full advantage of the musical acts that made their way to our school’s performing arts center. Those were awesome years.

Now that I’m less than a half hour away from what I’ll lovingly call it from here on out, PVD, I love it. I didn’t wait long to start attending concerts so I got tickets to see a band I’ve been wanting to hear live for a while: CHVRCHES. This couldn’t have been planned any better. I saw one of my favorite bands with the one friend who turned them on to me. I thought, this night is going to be magical. And it was.

I have a preference for smaller venues as opposed to big venues like arenas. I’ll still attend concerts in the bigger venues, but I like the more intimate feeling with certain bands. Here at Lupo’s there are two levels for standing room attendance and cash bars for those who wish to drink beverages while they watch. Many of the shows allow all ages and this is weird to admit, but sometimes I like seeing parents going to concerts with their teens. ANYWAYS, Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel is a venue that I really like and will be returning in the future.

This show was so awesome that I kept my phone in my bag for most of it so here are a few good shots from other concertgoers that night.

Photo by Instagram/Jazminemyers
Photo by Instagram/rbellyell
Photo by Instagram/iampatrickmoran
Photo by Instagram/miss_sekula
Photo by Instagram/mkelly0406
CHVRCHES at Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel by Live Music Image
Photo by Live Music Image

If you want to see the energy that the band brought out of the crowd, watch this video:

Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel
79 Washington St., Providence, RI 02903
(401) 331-LUPO (5876)
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