Cover Me – Radical Face’s “Jolene”

Who is Radical Face? I don’t know. Kidding. I didn’t know up until a few days ago. Being a person who loves her indie music I’m surprised I hadn’t heard of this band. “Radical Face” is actually the moniker for Ben Cooper. He’s been making music since at least 2003.

Radical Face - Haldern Pop Festival 2017 - Alexander Kellner - 2.jpg
By © Alexander KellnerOwn work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

I forgot where I heard of him but I heard he made a version of Dolly Parton’s Jolene and had to listen to it. The original song strangely makes me cry because the lyrics are real and touch upon the deep dark anxieties a woman might have about losing her husband to another woman. Am I reading into the lyrics wrong? Am I projecting? C’mon, when you find your BFF4EVA! you won’t want to let them go.


This song is off of his EP Covers, Vol. 1: “Lady Covers” which also include covers of Lana Del Rey. Sinéad O’Connor, and The Cranberries to name a few. This and other albums can be heard on Spotify and Pandora as far as I know.

And just because, here’s the version by Miley Cyrus. It’s one of my favorites.

Did you know Dolly is Miley’s godmother? I didn’t.

ONE MORE! This recording is of someone playing Dolly’s record slower at 33 rpm sounds amazing. She sounds like a man! The lyrics take on a new meaning and it’s awesome.

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