Easy Greek-Inspired Hummus Toast

hummus toast!

Screw your avocado toast!!!

Did I start off too strong? Okay, let’s dial it back. Sorry, I get very inappropriate when I’m excited about something.

I’ve been eating more hummus lately because it’s delicious and easy to make. Also, when I buy a jar of tahini I usually never finish it up before it expires and I feel bad. Keeping my Word for 2018 in mind, I’m making an effort to finish this tahini by making all of the hummus I can and eating it in every way I can think of. Here’s where toast comes in!

In recent months I’ve become less interested in bread-heavy breakfasts. Nutrition-wise, this is a good thing but if I still feel like eating toast I may as well put a bunch of healthy things on top of it. I tried hummus as a spread and IT IS FIRE!

This recipe is really flexible. I’m working with garlic hummus but you can use any flavor hummus you like. Here I took inspiration from Greek flavor profiles so my toppings most resemble a Greek Salad on an edible plate.

I don’t want to waste any more of your time so I’ll give you these few tips to keep in mind as you follow the recipe:

  • Use any bread you like, as long as you toast it or place under a broiler on low for a couple minutes. Your edible plate needs to hold the toppings or you’ll be forced to use a knife & fork and mom doesn’t want more dishes to wash!
  • For the cucumber and tomato toppings I placed them in a checkerboard layout because I wanted each item to touch the hummus so they don’t fall off when I take bites out of it. Plus, I like to make things cute once in a while.
  • Feel free to season with salt and pepper at any point in the process. Your feta cheese will already be salty, and if you use the red pepper flakes your seasoning should be taken care of, but just be mindful.
  • You can add more toppings like chopped red onions, bell peppers, or olives to really bring in more flavors of the Mediterranean.

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