A Midweek Link Roundup

Ugh, SORRY, sometimes putting together a post consisting of found links and whatnot seems like I’m pretending I’m not failing at keeping with a consistent post schedule. I see right through myself, so you should too. I’ll be honest though, I like all of the stuff I’m sharing with you; so I hope it may intrigue you a fraction as much as they did for me.

–> How To Sing: A 1902 Illustrated Guide from the Great German Opera Singer Lilli Lehmann – I loooooove the illustrations. If you haven’t been instructed on where the sound should be coming from out of your “mask” you haven’t lived through enough choir rehearsals and voice teachers.

–> Can Music Make You Sick? Safeguarding Your Mental Health¬†– Me being sad after listening to a whole Dashboard Confessional album probably doesn’t apply to this, but there are certain jobs within the music profession that can really stretch a person thin. Having self-care options to offset busy schedules and travel commutes is important as with any highly demanding job.

–> What Your Favorite Composer Says About You – I might secretly love Holst.

–> I binged Julia Child and Jacques Pepin’s 1990s PBS show, and here’s what it taught me about cooking – I openly love both of these people

–> Here are two musicians I appreciate- Itzhak Perlman and Jon Baptiste. You probably know more about Itzhak, so I’ll drop this link¬†from an NPR interview with Jon on how he got himself to the piano and as leader of the house band of The Late Show. It’s such a nice story that started with his family.

–> In my random video scrolling on Facebook I stumbled upon Jeanine De Bique. The short clip I saw was of her testing the acoustics in a church and showed her genuinely falling in love with how the space sounded. Instead here’s a full clip of her performing ‘Rejoice Greatly’ from Handel’s Messiah. I can’t rave enough about how well she handles her voice. Her coloratura is so beautiful it makes me cry! Pass a tissue…

–> Okayokayokay have you met the guys of TwoSet Violin?! You’ve probably seen their chicken videos. They’re smart, awesome, funny, and are making it work to reach younger fans in the modern classical world. Just watch all their YouTube videos when you plop down on the couch after work but before your Netflix binge. You’ll like them.

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