Last Minute Gift Ideas for Musicians

App Store Gift Cards for iPhone and Android – I’m a big fan of apps that teach music theory and musicianship. I also always cycle through different apps for metronomes, tuning, and music learning, and so much more. Should I put a list together of all my favorite apps?

Prepaid Gift Cards – Most musicians need to buy supplies. Sheet music, reeds, strings, earplugs, recorders for third graders, so much stuff!! You might not know what specific model or brand of item they use, so a generic prepaid giftcard or giftcard to a music store you know the musician frequents is a good and thoughtful option.

Throat Lozenges!!! – Personally I prefer either Cherry Sucrets, Burt’s Bees Natural Throat Drops, or Ricola if you wanna get some for me. I feel like this is my version of Werther’s. A dry, scratchy throat is the death of me. Swing by any ole drugstore and grab a few packs. Your fellow singer will appreciate it and it’ll last a while.

A Reusable Water Bottle – if you know a singer who doesn’t carry around a reusable water bottle already, give ’em something nice. I would suggest something that would contribute to sustainability and has the least amount of fussy or noisy parts. Look for bottles made of materials that are BPA-free, have lids that are still attached when opened or have pop-out straws/sip holes. For cleaning purposes I prefer wide mouth tops, but it would be a great idea to also get a bottle and straw brush to properly clean whatever you get.

Something fun – What else does your musician like? I’m corny but I like t-shirts with ironic music references on them. How about a reclaimed instrument bottle opener? A DJ Cat Scratchpad for their cat? OOH, or a DIY Synth Kit for your aspiring electronic musician. It might cut it close to ordering online but I’ve seen quirky things like these in the gift section of bookstores or home goods stores if you feel like braving the last minute crowds.


[ Photo by Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash ]

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