Five for your Weekend

Five for your Weekend

What a week, what a week. Am I right? If it’s the weekend for you, then I wish you much enjoyment, much rest, and relaxation however you see fit. Here are five links I thought were interesting enough to share with you:

  • First things first, let me admit that I like to watch kid’s cartoons. For the parents and kids who like Steven Universe, FYI- The Steven Universe movie is going to be a musical. I think half of us figured it would be. I love the songs Rebecca wrote for the episodes, so I’m excited to hear more.
  • I’ve been hearing of revival performances of the opera Brundibar this year. If you’ve also heard it but don’t know what it is, here’s a history and synopsis. Award-winning children’s author Maurice Sendak also plays a part in the history of it.

Five doesn’t feel like enough. If you’re home for the whole weekend and want more things to read, here-

Love you! Be good, friends.

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