Hi there! Thank you for coming to learn more about me.

Here’s my Slightly (probably even less-than) Professional Bio in First Person
I’ve been singing in choirs since the day they let me join in elementary school. My singing voice was the cheapest instrument my mom let play, so I did what I could with it. It’s been a long road getting to know my voice and discover what I can and can’t do with it. I did the typical high school choir kid stuff- get voice lessons, go to All State and Regional choir auditions, explore genres from baroque to show tunes, and reluctantly dip my toe into drama club only for the musical numbers.

Senior year of high school was when I finally found my voice. I was a generally quiet person in my youth but was most enthusiastically involved in all chorus-related activities. My choir director somehow knew there was something in me and he helped to bring that out. Over the course of four years he lent his time to help me smooth my audition pieces, assigned occasional solos in concerts, and eventually let me sing my own solo in my last choir concert of high school.

I didn’t become some sort of international opera sensation in adulthood, but I wanted to recognize that my high school choir director put me on a path to building more confidence in myself and to nurture my singing talents, even if I’m just singing in choirs. He gave me the ability to continue working on improving my skills and to be bold when I know I have what it takes to do something.

I’m currently singing with the Chorus of Westerly, a 190-ish adult and children’s chorus based in southern Rhode Island. I’m in my 10th season which I’ve been involved . The organization is largely volunteer run so I like to help behind the scenes when I can. If you’re local, they would love help!

Here’s tidbits & fun facts!
~ I’m in my wild thirties! I love to go home and eat dinner in my pajamas.
~ My spouse, Adam, is a kick ass IT auditor by day and kick ass guitarist for Casting Shadows by night.
~ My son, Aiden, is an awesome 9 year old who loves school, his friends, and music. He’s in his school chorus and drama club and he completes my ridiculously musical family.
~ I love food. Turns out Adam and I enjoy cooking. Sometimes I fail recipes but I still like doing it to explore new flavors and cuisines and learn more about the cultures I came from. Adam and I share some of our recipes on Season Aggressively.
~ I love hearing pop singers end their words with consonants. I love a good rolled R when the music calls for it.
~ Dissonances and overtones tickle my fancy. Overtones are like ghosts making music with you.