My Recipe Box!

I’ve been cooking dinner for my family for eight years. I’ve Googled A LOT of recipes in that time. I’ve also learned a lot about how to cook, period. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked up how long to boil an egg. My skills have gone from boxed Hamburger Helper to working off of homemade Hamburger Helper-inspired recipes, to moving outside of my comfort zone of dishes based on chicken breasts or ground beef and exploring cuisines of the world by what I have access to in my area’s markets. Think of this (short)list as an illustration of what I’ve cooked, loved, and am continuing to explore in terms of taste and technique. I’ve also included some tried and true recipes that Adam also has under his belt, as he is my companion in the kitchen and I rely on his refined taste buds to let me know how much salt I need to add to everything. Why do I suck at that?!

So if you’re similar to me in that you have a few mouths to feed but not a lot of time on your hands, let this list be a list of suggestions for some weeknight dinners and a bit of weekend dinners when you have time to prep fresh ingredients. There’s also some recipes for when you have loved ones over for home brunch, because yes it happens. These recipes have served us well and I feel no need to reinvent the wheel on them so I’ve linked to the original recipes that I worked off of in my own kitchen.

If you have any questions or suggestions for recipes for me to try, let me know! I love a good food adventure.

My adventures with bread

My adventures with Asian food
My People!!! Filipino




the rest of the world

I legit Google all of Alton Brown’s recipes

Adam’s adventures with Smoking
His smoker of choice– Weber Smokey Mountain bullet with some mods (gasket seals) and a Thermpro Wireless Meat Thermometer with Dual Probe

Our one and only adventure with Wagyu steak because high quality beef imported from another country is expensive as hell – with wasabi and tosa joyu

Our adventures with Sous Vide
We have the Anova Precision Cooker (on Amazon Prime Day! Score!) with a NutriChef vacuum sealer (it sucks out most of the air so the bag can submerge well enough to be cooked evenly.) and this container, and a lid that we don’t really use

My food goals

  • Make Tomato Pie AKA Rhode Island Pizza Strips
  • Eat all the Portuguese food around here
  • Have a Zeppole on St. Joseph’s Day
  • Step foot in all nearby Greek festivals
  • Never say no to Barbacoa tacos
  • Eat a Cuban sandwich when I can